Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Buoy Archives #15

to ensure maximum vulnerability I am digging through the tape drawers to fish out the early Buoy Archives stuff (possibly because I got a bit distracted by longer/better/faster/stronger films in recent years and left the small, breakable, scared stuff alone).

this is The Buoy Archives #15

confession: I have a small obsession with filming apes on super 8. I have a terribly sad 15 minutes of an orangutan in the Melbourne zoo draping his head with a potato sack so he can't see the zoo-goers looking at him. every now and then he looks out with a small glimmer of hope and expectation, sees the zoo-goers gawking and waiting, in their colosseum like anticipation for him to do something, and he drapes the sack back over his head again with an audible sigh. heartbreaking. i did make this into a small flick but it was really too depressing to finish. one day...

so, in the spirit of sketches and drawings and things incomplete and half formed... The Buoy Archives #15: Meditation

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