Thursday, August 13, 2009

Overt filming

T and I are in the final stages of filming a new music documentary with only another month of shooting left after three years on and off toting around our dusty cameras. This past week we disappeared to Yolgnu country up in Arnhem Land to film with one of the artists we've been following who forms part of the Black Arm Band, a gathering of Indigenous protest singers. This time a year ago, we were in London being pulled up by heavily armed anti-terrorism task forces for 'overt filming' while following the Black Arm Band to Albert Hall. This time in a month we'll be filming a concert in Nitmiluk near Katherine Gorge for the anniversary of an important native title handover. Life is sweet and strange and hectic when 'overt filming' is your big dumb love.


Glendyn Ivin said...

Crazy, but thats a great souvenir!

The Buoy Archives said...

we were courageous under fire. they separated tash, tom and I and grilled us - all sub machine guns, chesty bonds chests and severe chins and cheekbones - for almost an hour. was heaps tough. sadly, we were neither searched, detained or tortured for our art. when they realised it was just a music documentary, when our interpol profiles turned up blank, and when they saw tom get a fit of giggles during his interrogation, they just let us loose back on the streets.