Saturday, January 23, 2010


To my shame, we are still editing the music video for Kempsey's song 'The Weather'. I've been trying to fit in a few late night and weekend edits out of hours while the suite is tied up with Murundak but it has been tricky to squeeze in the hours...

The problem is:

To me, the rushes look so damned fine, that I've got an overly inflated sense of self-satisfaction that is neutralising the urge to edit it down. I just like trawling and selecting and trawling some more and never having to whittle it down. I haven't had this feeling since I made the mini-doco project Firestorm which we also shot in Canberra and which took forever to edit despite the epic final duration of 11 minutes. (The good and very inspiring people at Rooftop Films in NY recently played Firestorm which was great as it has been gathering a lot of dust on the shelf. Little fella needed a bit of fresh Brooklyn night air).

In any case, the solution is:

To finish the fucking thing so the poor guys in the band don't have to keep asking when it will be done.

In the meantime:

I wanted to reprise a few of my favourite screen grabs from the shoot. Although I have already posted some of these, I can't help myself. It makes me happy and it creates the illusion that I have done more than I have. Apologies to Kempsey. I promise it will be done soon.

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Glendyn Ivin said...

C'Mon Rhys! Finish the damn clip already! The stills look great! Randomly select a bunch and throw them on the time line. You can't go wrong...!