Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lock Off

4 years and two weeks to the day after the first performance of 'murundak', we've finally locked off the feature documentary about the songs and artists of the Black Arm Band 'murundak' tour.

Several hundred hours of live performances, observational footage, interviews and archives.

Twenty something terrabytes of anxiously created backups.

Dozens of sleepless nights imagining, fearing, fretting over the possibility of lost footage, crummy filmmaking, disappointed subjects, furious investors.

Several major network fails and dozens of rebuilds, restores and reconnections.

An intricate web of artists and subjects involved in the film.

Three deaths.

A handful of births.

Countless messy, drunken nights and crazed encounters during filming.

Even more chaotic nights of drunkenness, love and war during the edit.

81 mins, 59 seconds and 24 frames in the final analysis. (Being a bit freaky, we had to add a single frame of black within the title sequence so that the final duration could be 82mins, 0secs and 0 frames.)

A handful of the greatest folks who stuck through it all with us.

A launch date of January 27 and a broadcast date of February 13.

And, really, after all of this, we're fucking proud and fucking pleased and we're humbled to have been able to do it all in the first place. Black Arm Band. I love you.


pip said...

Hooray!!! You are the best!!

g said...

Well done guys! HUUUGE CONGRATS!