Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fighting Words

There's nothing as satisfying as breaking the back of a script or story problem that refuses to yield.

In recent weeks I've been wrestling with a script after making some changes that were reasonably and politely requested by the exec. producers, distributor and sales agent.

I wanted to make these changes, as I think they were all seeing the same kind of sense, and, over time, I began to see it too.

The only problem is that in making a handful of changes, some almighty massive fucking problems presented themselves which involved some significantly more heavy handling.

That is the problem with tight plotting, even in (or, perhaps, particularly in) an understated character drama.

In any case, this morning, over a couple of coffees and with the rain pummeling the windows outside and with the Red House Painters on repeat (not fighting music, it's true, but a good soundtrack for the zen state required of the word processor warrior), I snapped that little fucker in two.

It remains to be seen whether one of it's relations comes back to attack me from behind, sending me hobbling back into the change rooms.

all images by Manolo Remidi
all clumsy and poorly-conceived over-usage of wrestling metaphors by Rhys Graham

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