Friday, July 27, 2012

Crush #2

Making playlists for unmade films is easily one of my favourite things to do. For a feature script that I've been writing with my shady best pal and colleague Christopher O'Young, the soundtrack has turned out to just be a single album... no mixes, no omissions, not even a reordering of the tracklist. The album is Flight of Delusion by Guai Li, a band - one of the acts who have been reshaping Beijing music - that is criminally unknown around these parts*.

My love for the band is helped by the creative crush I've got on the lead singer Wen Jun who has the charisma of a cinema star and the mess and noise of a punk god. You should check them out if you've got the time and inclination. They are lords. And if you dig them, you should buy their album from tenzenmen, who are a local company that releases a fucking amazing roster of indie, punk and experimental artists from the massive music scenes in China, Indonesia and beyond.

Sigh. Crush.

From the tenzenmen site:
*There are a few clips on the web of Guai Li live and a handful of interviews and reviews. This is an excerpt of one of my favourite poorly translated blog reviews:
"As their name, Guai Li people love all the mysterious and inexpressible things, like the ghost, witchcraft, universe, white noise and a little addiction."

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