Thursday, August 23, 2012



There is no more intriguing moment in human drama than the moments where we get glimpses of other lives, of past lives, of possibilities, of desires, of the things that surprise us, creep up on us, or threaten to undo us. They can, and should, be simple, fleeting and distilled with plenty of visual space for the echoes of time to resound.

Here's a little moment from my adaptation of Tim Winton's 'Small Mercies' (for the The Turning project) where we need to try and create one of these glimpses... an intense moment of connection between past lovers, now holding tight to their own brimming, messy lives:

It's only five lines but so much has to happen within those few brief descriptions of action. In a week we'll know how successful we've been in realising this and a whole load of other fragile moments made pristine in prose by Compañero Winton.

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