Sunday, August 25, 2013

Favourites #5

Emily Kai Bock's music video for Grimes 'Oblivion' was cultural capital for a long time; people slinging it around across every medium. It's a killer clip, no doubt, but, for me, the clip the same director made for Sebastien Schuller's 'Nightlife' is like an unmade, unfinished dream of perfection and melancholy. I fucking love it. It's got all the sadness and beauty and mess and danger of the night in it... and jeeeeezus, the photography by Evan Prosofsky (it was, according to reports, shot on Kodak 5219 stock and rated at ASA2000 to underexpose two stops, and then it was corrected in the digi grade). Bliss.

(Probably best to watch this on vimeo or at Emily Kai Bock's website in all it's glory rather than the pissy little window I get through blogspot.... either way, make sure you watch it.)

Sebastien Schuller - Nightlife from Emily Kai Bock on Vimeo.

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