Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Between Here and There - Gridlock

We could wait here forever

this noise and heat... the murmuring of those two lovers, frustrated but still warm with tenderness. or the quiet grind of that young woman in front, stealing a moment to eat and think

the hum... the singing hum that courses overhead and across the wet, gleaming streets...

those gleaming, slackened faces glimpsed in passing, softer than Walker Evan's photos of the hard faces of transit subway passengers, harder than the faces of those engaged in the gentle exchanges taking place in the back of the closed cabs racing to dinner or home for the possibility of an embrace

the flash of light across their eyes reminding me of that beautiful face I'll never forget, flickering in the lights of a traffic tunnel cutting under a mountain too large to traverse 

let all those lights glow and gleam
let the traffic burn and hum
let all those strange bodies and lives pass us by and stay safe and find, when they arrive, some small, beautiful thing to make this seething mess feel like a journey with one single focus... you

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