Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Night #1

From an exhaustive pile taken over many nights submerged in bulerias and whisky, below are some photos taken while working on an evolving live film of flamenco cuadro Arte Kanela. It is a deliberately simple work, trying only to capture the immediacy of the moment without trickery or complications. The end result will be a feature length live performance that tries to capture the elusive sublime possibility of what happens when artists surrender themselves to the moment, to the night, their intense lifetime of training becoming something transcendent when let loose in collaboration and improvisation with each other... 

Federico Garcia Lorca:
"The real struggle is with the duende…. To help us seek the duende there is neither map nor discipline. All one knows is that it burns the blood like powdered glass, that it exhausts, that it rejects all the sweet geometry one has learned, that it breaks with all styles….These dark sounds are the mystery, the roots thrusting into the fertile loam known to all of us, ignored by all of us, but from which we get what is real in art…"

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