Sunday, July 4, 2010


Part of the purpose of small, weightless projects like the films and videos in the Buoy Archives is coming up with excuses to keep filming something, anything, during the months and years of battling with scripts and funding bodies and distributors and apathy and wages and rent and the allure of bars. Sometimes, it's a flare of energy, or a challenge to inactivity, or a camera appearing at hand, or boredom at dawn, and sometimes it's giving yourself an excuse to hang around while other people just do their thing. Sometimes, also, it's an emotional or formal challenge to yourself. In the case of 30x30, it was thirty 30-second shots taken while compañero Glendyn Ivin made his music video/film 'Paradise' for Magic Dirt's noise project Roky's Room.

Paradise, a pretty damned fine piece of noise vs beauty can be viewed, in part, here. The rest, which is mostly made up of close ups of centrefolds on fading magazine pages is a little bit too genitally raw for vimeo but word has it that Glendyn is going to do a DVD release at some point.

Okay, so filming a friend filming their own film might not be earth shattering, but, it's not the first time it's been done and, for a moment, we can all just pretend I'm Chris Marker and Glendyn is a music-video-Tarkovsky and that people love observing the drama of stillness and shadows and silence and that all is right and good with the world.

30x30 from Daybreak Films on Vimeo.

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