Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Fitzroy #2

A while back, I mentioned a clip we had been shooting with singer Dan Sultan in and around the streets of Fitzroy. It was one of those rare pleasures where everything seems to unfold just as you hoped it to and you don't want to change a frame.

We were helped out by lots of friends, locals and folks we've crossed paths with throughout the years while haunting these parts. Humble thanks.

Here it is... Hope you dig it.

Cheeky promo: if you like Dan's song, he and his band tour like madmen - they're in London right now but back on these shores soon - and you can find our more at

Cheeky self-promo: Dan Sultan is also one of the subjects of our soon to be released doco murundak featuring the Black Arm Band which you can follow via facebook here or find out more about here.

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