Monday, February 7, 2011

Homestead Festival

A damned fine weekend in.

It's the hiatus between completing the planning for the launch of murundak and the launch itself. Key artwork locked off. Premiere planned. Sponsors locked in. Theatrical distribution on the move. Artists booked on flights and in hotels. Thank you speeches written.

So, by way of reward and retreat, a weekend hidden away watching flicks, finishing books ('Freedom') and starting new ones ('Tokyo Vice'), eating the unbelievable sandwiches at The Bell Jar, making dumplings, and writing notes for projects to come.

Friday PM
'The Father of My Children' (dir: Mia Hansen-Løve)

Saturday AM
'Anvil: The Story of Anvil' (dir: Sacha Gervasi)
'Karate Kid' (dir: Harald Zwart)

Saturday PM
'Goodbye, Dragon Inn' (dir: Tsai Ming Liang)
'Genova' (dir: Michael Winterbottom)

Sunday AM-PM
'Ossos' (dir: Pedro Costa)
'The Kiss' (short, dir: Ashlee Paige)
'The Limits of Control' (dir: Jim Jarmusch)
...and a sublime rough cut of a new as yet untitled documentary by fellow traveller Tim Mummery.


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