Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Suburbs

I'm an outer suburban kid. Wastelands and nature reserves. Burnouts and ghosting bikes. Over- watered lawns, closed blinds and hot tarmac. Skateparks at night, lonely winds and wandering kids.

Like a lot of folks I got a buzz from the Arcade Fire's album 'The Suburbs'. That appreciation only surged when friend and past collab Greig Fraser shot the epic short film for Mr Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire...

... and has now truly peaked that I've seen this incredible poster series by the Minneapolis design collective Burlesque of North America (Mike Davis, Wes Winship, Ben LaFond et al.) Each poster was designed for different show dates throughout the Arcade Fire but each poster is like it's own suspended moment, another refracted view into the world of the music.

All these posters (except the suckers that have sold out) can be bought here. More about Burlesque here.

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