Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Felllow Travellers #4

Warning: Shameless but well deserved promotion of fellow travellers ahead...

Some damned fine peeps have just released outrageously good looking DVD releases of their films with sexy booklets, lots of additional lushness and a thousand extra reasons to buy, watch and rewatch films that are already infinitely worthy of watching.

Compañero Glendyn Ivin's feature drama Last Ride (which scored him a best director award - and props from Abbas Kiarostami, no less - at the recent Abu Dhabi Film Festival) has been released by Madman. I have to declare a conflict of interest as I photographed the poster art for Last Ride.

I also took some other behind the scenes snaps, some of which have snuck into the booklets and promo releases for the film, which allows me an excellent dose of reflected glory without really doing anything at all.

You can also see, as part of this release, the great behind the scenes doco made by the most excellent Tim Mummery and Jono Hill of Yeah Right. Here, you can see a short vid of G's own excitement at the DVD release. Also at his blog, Glendyn has heaps of great process based stuff on the making of the film as well as numerous lush pics taken during the production by people like Greig Fraser, Ari Wegner and Glendyn himself.

Compañero Amiel Courtin-Wilson and Compañera Philippa Campey have also just released, through Siren Visual, the DVD for Bastardy, one of my, and many other folks, favourite flicks of the year.

Again, it's insanely desirable with a lush booklet and lots of additional goodies. Amiel is one of those filmmakers with a thousand projects under his belt and a thousand more on the go so, not surprisingly, it includes two additional films by him, 'Steal Away Home' and the Cannes short 'Cicada'. Finally, the booklet includes a great essay by Compañero Christos Tsiolkas. Many folks have read Christos' novels but if you haven't read his essays - including the book length The Devil's Playground (the first few pages of which you can see here) or Jump Cuts with Sasha Soldatow, you may not be aware of what a formidable intellectual he is, along with an incendiary storyteller. So, good times for us all. Now, just gotta find some cold hard cash to pick up a few copies.

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