Thursday, December 3, 2009

Titles #1

It's a tricky thing thinking up a fine title for a flick or a piece of writing. Film titles, in particular, are always so freaking sensible and informative. I've always thought a title should add a whole new layer to a film. A little mirror that reflects light onto the film from somewhere outside the world of the story. I think there is a lot that the record sleeves of post rock and p-funk albums can teach us.

Here are some of my favourites:

"Bill's Mom Likes to Fuck" - A Minor Forest
"Vanish in our Sleep" - Bootsy's Rubber Band
"You Drink a Lot of Coffee for a Teenager" - Don Caballero
"(You're A Fish And I'm A) Water Sign" - Parliament
"When in Doubt: Vamp" - Fred Wesley and the Horny Horns
"A Tender History in Rust" - Do Make Say Think
"You and your folks, me and my folks" - Funkadelic
"Hang onto Each Other" - A Silver Mt Zion
"Never buy Texas from a Cowboy (Part 1)" - Brides of Funkenstein

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