Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lists #1

I have been completely (intentionally?) overlooking the fact that we are at decade's end until all of a sudden blogs and critics and peeps everywhere started compiling best films of the decade lists. I love a list but I can't even imagine where to start on such a mammoth task given my generally poor memory for what I liked or didn't, loved or didn't. Over at Fin de Cinema, Joe Bowman has been writing and reprising critiques of what he thinks are the films of the decade and his lists are killer.

Decade List

I am loving spending far too much time getting lost in his listings, if only because it's making me wish I was seeing many of these films for the first time again (he also links through to the great top tens of the year from John Waters and Chrissie Iles). I'm sure there are many more bloggers doing the same decade long thing but I'm afraid of looking further. As it is, time is slipping away and with gargantuan observational doco edits to complete and years to finish and new decades to start, so things are looking a little frantic for repeat viewings of old favourites.

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