Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Fellow traveller Eron Sheehan left our little hub a few years back to take up a residency in the Max Planck Institute for Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany where he went to develop the screenplay and project for his feature film 'Errors of the Human Body'. If you've seen any of his shorts (like Fish, Bing and William), you'll know he is a freakishly talented man with the unique quality of deep emotional and narrative understanding and a truly WTF mind capable of generating ideas from out in the furthest reaches of the ether. It's a crime that he has not been able to get this film up in recent years - attempting to work both with agencies and investors from here and his collaborators and investors in Germany. It speaks volumes of our local industry that he has not been supported in this project. Extracting it from Australia, he has raised the money solely within Germany and is now three weeks away from shooting. There is, as always, a shortfall, and Eron is using kickstarter to raise some funds. I know the readership of this little blog is kinda tiny but do check out this project and seriously consider supporting Eron's filmmaking. More and more, this is the only way it is going to be possible to support the work of filmmakers who want to keep us excited about what cinema can be.

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