Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutions #1

Scott Macauly has written a great blog for Filmmaker about some 2011 resolutions for filmmakers. Here is a quick summation (but definitely check it out if you have a soft spot for lists and resolutions like I do):
1. Amplify your voice.
2. Improve your social.
3. See the Essential 100.
4. Work for a friend.
5. Make more than you did last year.
6. Make one piece in a different form.
7. Read more.
8. Review your productivity and alter your creative behavior.
9. Learn a new skill.
10. Change your viewing practices.
I've taken the liberty of thieving the inspiration behind his note and combined it with some of my more recent personal vows (of which there are many and varied scattershot pledges most of which involve bars and late nights but which I've not bothered to put up here).

1. Pursue Distillation. I am inherently scattered and spongelike in the way I pursue things. I get very excited very easily about projects and can easily veer from the foundation blocks of the things I'm working on.

2. Make More Drama. In work and in life. Drama is hard. It couldn't be more out of vogue in film, but character drama, humanism, the everyday of sex, love, laughter, lust and desire, and, above all, the secret, sublime stillness in those moments of connection within our lives is what I really give a fuck about. It's hard to make people believe in this. So I plan to make more noise, make more drama, about making more drama.

3. Make More. Just make a hell of a lot more.

4. Find Stillness. In images and in life. It's there to be found.

5. Honour our poets.

6. Declutter my viewing, listening, reading. And watch, really watch. No books open, phones flickering, laptops humming.

7. Invite other people in. Always.

8. Make more dumplings, stews, paellas and curry pastes. (not film related but one of the best ways to get the hell away from the world every now and then is to cook something slooooowly.)

9. Move swiftly with the appearance of moving slowly. Like some kind of ninja. Yup. I said it.

10. Take time to watch and dig and pass time with all the work friends are doing.

That is all. Forgive the earnest approach in recent blogs. It's that kind of year.

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