Monday, January 31, 2011

Favourites #2

While I have a thousand other things to finish, I keep getting sucked back into writing a new script I've had burning away called 'Lover'. It may be self evident that there is a whole lot of loving in the film. I'm a sucker for a great lovers scene - Beatrice Dalle and Jean Hugues Anglade trying to pull the couch out in '37º2 Le Matin' is one of my favourites even though there is no sex, only laughter, clumsiness and nudity - but in fact, they are few and far between. Great filmmakers become ham-fisted fools when trying to create the complexity of intimacy and sex. I only recently saw Miloš Forman's 'Loves of a Blonde' for the first time. And, immediately, this has become one of my favourite scenes, even though the sex itself is elided. Hell, it was 1965 and it still feels more intimate, frank and sexy than the overcooked sequences that seem to characterise filmmaking in the 90s and 00s.

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