Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions #1

I'm superstitious in the following ways:

I always knock on wood.

That is all.

However, I am kinda superstitious about the way I start the year. I have this sense that the films I watch or albums I listen to or books I read in the first hours of a new year will affect the year to come. I don't usually engineer what I do watch I just try and avoid any shit that might give me bad luck or bad vibes or bad juju for the year ahead. So this year, I started my January 1st with a windowside session reading Patti Smith's 'Just Kids', a screening of 'I Am Cuba' (Mikhail Kalatozov) until the DVD froze, when I switched to a screening of Kelly Reichardt's 'Old Joy', and I listened to a collection of what I always think of as brawl music - Daughters and Pissed Jeans - although, my brother and I also played some Katy Perry at one point in the day for a quick dance-off before we hit the beach.*

So, whatever the fuck this all means for the year to come, I'll let you know.

*I know what you're thinking but, hell, we were staying in a massive white walled glass and mirrors beachside penthouse which we received inadvertently when the real estate agent made an error and was unable to provide our much more modest booking. They had no other places available and were kicking and screaming at having to provide a druglords penthouse to us but my step-dad caused an almighty ruckus until they did. Consumer victory! So what choice did we have but to play lots of Katy Perry? Really. I am sure druglords play her all the time.

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