Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dream World

A friend sent me a link to this pretty damned sublime essay by Ian Murphy, largely in response to my ramblings about Humiliation, but also knowing my obsessive love for Claire Denis. He also highlighted the Denis quote below, probably knowing I would play an air guitar solo in joyous response to it... Dreamworlds, fuck yeah! Explanations, fuck no! Image and songs, fuck yeah!
“Cinema is not made to give a psychological explanation. For me, cinema is montage, editing. To make blocks of impressions or emotions meet another block of impressions or emotions, and put in between pieces of explanation, to me it’s boring… Our brains are full of literature – my brain is. But I think we also have a dream world, the brain is also full of images and songs, and I think that making films for me is to get rid of explanation.”
Claire Denis

 from 35 Shots of Rhum

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