Saturday, October 13, 2012

On Reflection #3

End of week 3 of pre production. 

We tested artificial medical procedures. 

We balanced colours.

We discussed rooms and yards and curtains and hair and shoes and skateboards and light and schedules and cars and sparks and fireworks and darkness and silhouettes.

We storyboarded stunts.

We researched skating and music and bedrooms and illnesses.

We planned rehearsals.

We made mixtapes.

We celebrated the midway point of pre production with paella and beer and tiquitacas.

We got anxious. We got excited. We got inspired. We bought stuff and sold stuff. We looked at endless pictures and listened to new compositions. We made countless phonecalls and had countless conversations about the shifting changing madness that is pre production. And, through it all, life was good.

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