Saturday, October 27, 2012

On Reflection #5

End of Week 5 of pre production for Galore. We found a way to distort time so that it, at once, went incredibly slowly, and swiftly at a speed that was beyond belief.

We rehearsed and wandered and let the sun crease our skin.

We took photos and examined faces in different lights. We made up scenarios and improvised endlessly mesmerising variations of the slight emotional powerplays of kids in their late teens.

We watched the sun set over and over. We hiked hills and sat by rivers. We spent impossibly long days doing technical recces, examining shot lists, plans, schedules and storyboards.

We got elated.

We got slammed.

We felt we were making progress. We felt we were going nowhere.

We found the perfect dog and the perfect Corey, Ari and Dewati. We ate bad hotel food and stalked the shopping centres of the far southern suburbs.

We explored locations, fossicked through the belongings of the deceased and we found objects to covet and things - like a strange typewriter test full of cries for help concealed between the lines - to fear.

We played music written for our film and music we want to include in our film. We also played a hell of a lot of shit, and sang Patrick Swayze's 'She's Like The Wind' over and over.

We missed our families and sent love to our siblings, partners, kids and friends...

And through it all, life was sweet.

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