Friday, October 5, 2012

On Reflection #2

End of week 2 of pre-production. Strange how things slowly emerge into view increment by increment. We're still stalking the margins of our locations (below are a bunch of shots of some areas we're shooting in by esteemed cinematographer Stefan Duscio, who I've mentioned in these parts before); we've almost entirely secured a killer crew; the composers have sent through more demos and tracks; and, most, importantly, I've locked in my key cast - four incredible young people to play the central roles. So, everything has it's shape and form and the film is alive. Terrifying and electrifying.


(turns out i don't look as relaxed as i feel when i'm location scouting... looks like i'm taking a nervous poo in the middle of our location... probably felt like it too as i tried to work out the logisitics of a major sequence... better not to think about it)

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