Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Middle Ages

Sometimes it's important to get drunk like it's the middle ages. Like you live in a frat house or you're partying with your sorority sisters or you hang around with Lemmy or Charlie Mingus or The Alkaholiks. Like you're a viking raiding your neighbours stash of mead, or an Appalachian family getting riled up to feud. Like you won a grand final or finished your veterinary exams and are prepared to start drinking and sober up in another country or on the side of the road in a different hemisphere. It helps. I swear it does. It's important. I swear it is.


Anonymous said...

Of everything you’ve ever said on here. I have never agreed with it more than this.

The Buoy Archives said...

Damn. I'm happy to have struck a mediaeval chord. Drink up!